Perfect Edges
self-serve skate sharpeners

Convenience. It's always ready to sharpen when you are. Simply walk up, pay, and insert your skates. Within 3 minutes, your blades have a flawless edge, guaranteed.
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Confidence. Uses a gentler wet-sharpening system for sharper, stronger edges, and longer blade life. It also straightens blades before they are sharpened, removing high spots and restoring blades to their optimum condition.

Consistency. Dressing the stone before sharpening every pair with computer-assisted precision assures a perfectly honed edge every time. Also, the blade's radius (rocker) is never changed.
Charitable Choice. When you purchase Perfect Edges sharpening coupon books, a significant portion of the purchase price is donated to a youth hockey league or team of your choice.
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"It does not have to be better than a hand sharpener just comparable. With three boys in hockey anything that saves my wife ten minutes is ok in my book. We use it all the time."

Rich Querci
Board Member & Coach, North Andover Youth Hockey
North Andover, MA - League

The Gift That Gives Back.
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